Anti-commercial, anti-rock’n’roll, supremely impolite and divinely refined, the Lydia Lunch’s Putan Club is the newest project of one of greatest artists of the XXIth century, a fulminated poet, a violent writer adulated by the new wave of the American dissacratori-profaners, an outstanding singer of an ardent career, besides that an imperial pain in the neck: Lydia Lunch.

Propelled by the Putan Club, a unit of artistic resistance subtly iconoclastic, a combo armed with a merciless interaction between paintings, graphic arts and determinedly overconfident musical comments, the Lydia Lunch’s Putan Club is a creation wished and organized by the Theatre Garonne, European Stages Network of Toulouse, in March, 2012.

This is not entertainment, either a reading, or a concert : it is a rape, a gang bang, a total dumping -heart, eyes, ears- in the indecency and its incredible beauty. It is the poetry applied to the immediate life, without flowers nor stylistic effects, conjugating its violence, its excesses, its religions, its politics, from sex to drugs and up to the death. Inexorably, mercilessly and supremely. A sincere experience of extremely savage and wild love.

texts, vox, soundscapes : Lydia Lunch
drawings, paintings, projections : Vincent Fortemps
guitars, vox, composition, computer : François R. Cambuzat
bass, effects, vox : Gianna Greco

Interested in one of the pictures or interested to be photographed, contact Creeping Mac Kroki.

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